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It is rightly said that our choices make our life. We make choices every day, in fact, every moment. Sometimes, we are driven by our experience and sometimes by gut feeling. Sometimes, our choices put us on the right track and sometimes they spoil months and years of efforts. In any case, most of these choices just happen, we seldom ponder over a selection procedure for a long time.

However, in matters related to your career, you cannot be so easy-going. Career decisions are life-changing decisions where a simple mistake can amplify so large that your whole life could be affected. Decision-making here is a big deal. Should I take the promotion? Should I accept the transfer? Is the new job a good one? May I take the crash-course? In various facets of life, you have to be really serious while taking the decision. In some situations, it might be tough. How would you know that your decision is right or you are heading in the wrong direction?

Five signs that tell you are making wrong career moves:-

A sense of perturbation has developed and you don’t find the reason

Are you feeling something is “wrong” but you cannot reason out? Does that sensation has been created right after taking a new decision? Maybe you didn’t connect rightly with the new team or the new job environment or you are worried about the new environment.

Although most of us are well-equipped with a sense of gut feeling or intuition, we also try to rationalize these feelings creating counter-reasoning to support our decisions. It’s quite natural that you’ll not want to ignore an attractive offer just because you are feeling nervous for any reason whatsoever. A big decision obviously develops nervousness.


However, if an unknown discomfort persists for a long time, it could be a sign that this new move was wrong and this is not the option you were expecting. In this matter, there is an effective test called 10/10/10 test to get a clear picture of the decision and effectiveness in the future. Ask yourself three easy questions but get genuine answers: will this matter be a concerning matter 10 weeks from now? After 10 months? After 10 years? Getting the answer to these questions will definitely clear your views and minimize your worries and concerns.

For instance, if you see your colleagues are a matter of your headache right now could be so even after to months and even 10 years from now whereas getting accustomed to a different lifestyle may be an issue for the time being.

Are your feelings distracted?

You may feel distracted when you are not happy with your current career position or there is any crisis at home. This is the time when negative thoughts come one after another. If you are confused or panicked, you need someone’s help who is not directly related to your current state of mind. They may be your close friends, colleagues, mentor, professor, or boss. They can help you show the right path. You will be amazed to see the easiness with which a suitable solution comes out and heavy pressure getting out from your head.

Are your motivations on the right track?

In any situation, you should be honest to yourself. Many instances could be found when individuals take a decision being motivated by any external agent such as out of jealousy seeing a colleague progressing rapidly, due to extreme family pressure, etc. These external influences motivate you to take escape-based decisions that may prove inefficient in the future.

If you find yourself getting irritated for no apparent reason, venting to your near and dear ones, colleagues, or completely unknown persons you are most likely afraid of your choice. These kinds of put-of-the-box behaviour in an attempt to feel good and escape the symptoms of fear. It is the high time to trust your decisions and keep confidence.


Do you indulge in self-talking?

If you realize that you indulge in too much self-talking and trying to justify a decision that you have taken, it might be a sign of self-denial. Most probably, you have subconsciously rejected or regretting your choice. A little bit of pep talk to your self is healthy and necessary but too much of it is a sign of overloaded doubts.

Feeling restless

The multidimensional nature of a vital career decision may keep your worried or preoccupied with negative thoughts; Most of these decisions are extraordinary decisions which means you have to come out of your comfort zone. Lots of ups and downs will come and go while proceeding forward. Thus, feeling restless is a sign of doubt on your own decisions.

Uncertainty is a part and parcel of any life-changing decision. You have to learn the art of balancing head and heart or personal life and career. You may not get satisfaction right now as some decisions take time to flourish. Moving forward with confidence and learning from mistakes make one strong and help to become successful.

Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring a competent workforce globally. He is a Certified Linkedin Profile Writer. He is empowering people with high-quality documents & information on how to market yourself.

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