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Do you belong to the tribe who always wanted to achieve and level up their life? Are you the one who carries passion, but just don’t know how to channelize it? Do you desire to contribute towards something which is way more meaningful than yourself?

While you might still be thinking about appropriate answers to these, they are people in this world, who are doing their thing. The one they believe they are made for.

You might find yourself confused, however, that’s because you don’t exactly know what it is or what it looks like.

You may look around at other people and feel like they all have at least one or two things they’re super good at and treat with passion, but you, you’re just kinda sorta good at a lot of things (or nothing)!!



Jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none, ring a bell somewhere?

Guess what? Lots of people feel this way. It isn’t just you. In fact, there might be other people looking at you and thinking you have this clear gift to give to the world, and they wish they had that.

Sometimes, it’s hard to see these things in ourselves. Our natural abilities/talents/gifts come so naturally to us that we often don’t even notice them!

In order to figure out what you’re really good at (because it isn’t blatantly obvious), it’s often necessary to get a little feedback.


Here are some tips on ways to go about getting that feedback:


Ask around

The very simple and very effective method you could account. All you gotta do is take a handful of people aside and tell them you’re doing a little self-work and would like to gain some of their feedback.

Ask a diverse set of people — people you know well, people who might know you in-out and people you don’t know as well — and pick out the patterns in the feedback you receive from each. Colleagues, friends, family, neighbours and even acquaintances are all good people to ask.

Here are some sample questions for this task:

  • What would you say I’m really good at?
  • What really stood out to you when you first met me?
  • What positions out to you about me now that you have known me a while?
  • What was I good at when I was a kid? (If they knew you when you were younger…)


Pay attention

It’s so obvious, but it works. Commit even just one full day to paying attention to what you’re good at, and you’ll have an idea with much more clarity of where you truly shine belongs.

Here’s what you need to pay attention to:

  • Things that give you energy (’cause you’ll probably feel energized and motivated when you’re using your strengths!).
  • Things you do differently than everyone else… When do you stand out from the crowd?
  • Concepts/activities that you grasp quickly.
  • Things that you look forward to in your day… When you wake up in the morning, what activities are you most excited about?


Take a test!

Assessments have their limitations, but I find the best approach is just to have fun with them, and take from them what you can. You may carry varying approach towards each test, but here’s a key, each test helps you account something towards yourself, your soul and towards your purpose.

There is plenty you could find online, a few common ones are SWOT analysis, psychological personality test and many more! Always remember, Why not build on something on which you’re naturally good at than trying to master a foreign skill?


Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring a competent workforce globally. He is a Certified Linkedin Profile Writer. He is empowering people with high-quality documents & information on how to market yourself.


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