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Are you a woman looking for a promotion? Then follow these tips to increase your chances of moving further up the career ladder.

1. Don’t just do what you’re supposed to do

Perhaps you have been working really hard on your job and fulfilling all of your job requirements. Maybe you even work a little more sometimes. Because you work hard without complaining, and you have been doing this job for a number of years, you might think that it is time you get a promotion. However, working hard on your job and getting promoted are two separate things.

The strategy is to work, act, and dress like you are in the higher position already. If you do this, your boss will see that you are a good fit for a higher-level position because you are demonstrating that you have the right qualities. Your boss will see that you are prepared for the next level.

2. Don’t make the assumption that your manager notices your hard work

When you put in great efforts in your work, you assume that your boss will notice. You eagerly wait for your boss to call you into the office to praise and reward you. However, that day might not come. Why is that?

It is not because you are not working hard enough. It is because your managers have hundreds of things on their minds, and their employees’ daily work is usually not under their radar (unless the employees cause problems). When employees are doing what they are supposed to do and things are going smoothly, management leaves them alone. So, the strategy here is to get noticed for your excellent work.

During meetings, speak up and talk about your projects. Step up to take on more responsibilities and do them with a positive attitude. Stay visible in your work place. Be proactive in scheduling a mid-year appraisal to talk about your accomplishments, any extra projects that you took on, and career development. Ask about growth opportunities. Managers like to see initiative and leadership in their employees, and they will take notice of you in this conversation.

3. Keep track of your accomplishments

This ties into the tips above. On a regular basis, document all the things that you had achieved, including a description of the project, when and where, whom you collaborated with, and the successful results that came from it. Whether it’s a chef job or a data job, this matters. Describe the positive impact that this project had on the company.

It is better to write this down as soon as the project is complete because it is fresh on your mind. All too often, when you wait until your annual performance evaluation to talk about your accomplishments, you might only remember a couple of average ones because you had done so much. Keep a personal log of your projects so you can easily pull up the most impactful ones when you are asked to talk about your accomplishments.

Be sure to include any thank you messages or compliments from your clients or colleagues who benefited from the results of your work. Keep these in a folder. Not only are these messages extraordinary evidence of the positive impact you made on others, but reading them every now and then will give you a good boost of confidence.

4. Find a mentor

Research on career development trends show that one-third of people who got promoted had a mentoring relationship with another employee in the company who had a higher position. There are companies that offer a formal mentoring program. However, if your company does not, you can still cultivate a mentoring relationship with a seasoned professional in a higher rank in your field.

Mentors are helpful resources in giving you career guidance and information in your industry. These professionals do not need to work in your company, but they should be in your field. Think about professionals whom you admire, who are in a role that you wish to have one day. Reach out to them to see if they are willing to take you on as a mentee. They might even be flattered by your request.

5. Most importantly, trust your instincts

Self-confidence can get you far in getting a promotion. Trust yourself and your abilities. This is no time to be humble. You might feel nervous because you will step out of your comfort zone, but fear will hold you back. Don’t dwell on past mistakes or failures. You learned from them, and they do not represent your future. You are wiser now and you are ready to move on to bigger things.

Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring a competent workforce globally. He is a Certified Linkedin Profile Writer. He is empowering people with high-quality documents & information on how to market yourself.

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