The 21st century has seen massive progress in the digital job market. Interviews are being conducted via Skype, you can now send your resume to your employer within seconds and your appointment letter will also arrive in a few seconds. That’s how fast paced everything has become.



Following on the similar trend, video resumes have become very popular in the last couple of years. The fact that you are up to date with the latest technologies and using them to good effect is something that will definitely attract the attention of a recruiter. Moreover, video resumes are still growing in popularity but there are many hiring managers who are still not aware of this concept. So, it will be a very good ploy to present something new and interesting that they have not seen before. Video resumes are not only beneficial for the candidate, but also for the firm. The hiring costs go down to a great extent and they are able to select candidates quicker than before. In addition to all, there are many more reasons why video resumes are becoming the next big thing. Here are some of reasons on why to choose video resumes over traditional methods of interviewing:

Showcasing your personality

Mailing resume to your recruiter is fine, but that does not help identify if you have the true potential to get the job. A video resume on the other hand will not only suffice the work of a printed resume, but will also give a visual understanding to the recruiter about your personality. In fact, your speaking ability and creativity will be evident more in a short video resume than a text resume.

Controlling the Interview

Yes, interviews can be dreadful and there are times when you just cannot answer the simplest of questions because you are nervous. Video resumes are a good way to escape that trap. When you are making a video resume, you are in your comfort zone. You can practice as much as you want. Go through all the typical questions that recruiters may ask and answer them in a professional way. This can act as a great confidence builder and you can knock the socks off in the final interview.

Unique way of Presentation

A recruiter goes through a lot of resumes in a single day and a video resume will be like a breath of fresh air. Since video resumes are still new and has not become so popular amongst most companies, it can be a surprise to start with creating a good impression on the recruiter. Attracting the attention in the first attempt will keep you ahead of others.

Informal Communication

The traditional form of interviews will exist, but there is always scope for introducing newer techniques. Video resumes are just that. Although, many would argue that informal communication is not the way to go about in an interview, but records show that video resumes have worked well for those who have had the courage to use them in the first place. What video resumes help to capture is the confidence of the candidate. Yes, it is undeniable that the method is somewhat informal compared to the traditional interview patterns, but why not welcome this change and move on with it?


Video resumes have definitely arrived for good and they are here to stay. If interviewers have welcomed live interviews through video calls, then video resumes will surely attract their attention. It is only a matter of time and acceptance that this type of resume will soon become the most popular form of understanding a candidate’s capability for a job.

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Rahul Krishna

Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring a competent workforce globally. He is a Certified Linkedin Profile Writer. He is empowering people with high-quality documents & information on how to market yourself.

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