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When you come out of an executive job that you had been doing for years or leaving a company where you had been working for decades, it can turn out to be a challenge for launching right into one job search after an extended period. It is specifically the case when you never had to look for an executive job prior to this as you were promoted internally to your earlier executive position. However, it becomes easy to see why so many people make mistakes in their executive job searches.

Some usual mistakes that you can avoid

Your networking is wrong

Today, particularly for the senior level candidates the matter is not just about their resume but also about establishing a connection with someone besides representing your worth to the industry. The question that lies unanswered is how to go for this. The very first step that you can do is take part in a panel discussion by the industry association by your alumni. Again, you can also establish a panel discussion as this will give you a chance to have a conversation with people of higher ranks than you.

Deficient in clarity

When you have left your job, you feel a panic and then, you rush to get into a job search minus getting clear on your wants. It results in nothing but disappointment because you require communicating to recruiters and employers about what you have been hunting for. Prior to beginning to apply for jobs, you must take out some time for reflecting on the kind of executive job you have been looking for. Again, you also have to decide on the organization you wish to work for and certainly, the criteria that your novice position should meet.

Your professional profile over the internet isn’t up-to-date

You need to update your profile all the time you begin a new job and not just when you require one. You should concentrate on your profile not only that you have done so far, but also that you would love to do. For instance, when you wish for more leadership responsibility, then focus on the places where you have lead successfully and ensure that leadership has been listed in your skills. The most vital thing is you must keep your resume absolutely updated as recruiters will notice you when your skills and profile are up-to-date. You ought to use social media to remain present on trends, events, and thought leaders in your industry. Following influences online, sharing interesting articles and blog posts are highly important and don’t ever forget to make use of your current photograph in your profile.


Apply only to the advertised jobs

This is a statistic that only 30 percent of vacancies get actually advertised. When you get to the executive level, then the probability is this figure is more slender. You should look for the hidden job openings through the process of sending hypothetical letters to companies that you have decided to target, thus, getting connected to their employees via LinkedIn company profile and getting in contact with trade journalists on Twitter for asking if they are aware of the person they are hiring. You can locate these journalists by utilizing a Twitter directory, like Twellow.

Overlooking your current network

Networking is considered a potent tool for getting job leads, particularly when the matter zeroes on the hidden jobs. Nonetheless, networking doesn’t only comprise making new contacts. A person’s current network is valuable, and so, a person shouldn’t neglect it. You can call up a connection that you have not spoken to for some time to inform them that you have been hunting for a job. Actually, it is important because you never know if they have an offering for you or not.

Fail to do the research

When you have recognized a few job vacancies where you can apply, still the time hasn’t come to begin the actual method of applying. In place of rushing the job applications, you should devote some time to make a research on the organizations that you have been applying to. When you understand the business better, then you become more targeted and informed. It is extremely important to visit the website of the company, get known to the social media presence of the brand and certainly, look for its press coverage.


Not Committing Sufficient Time to the Job Search

When you will avoid the above-mentioned mistakes, your search for jobs will take longer and will also be less effective when you don’t spend much time to it. This is a well-worn saying that discovering a full-time job is a full-time job. When you are hunting for work even when you are continuing to work at your present company, it becomes vital to schedule particular job finding time. You must set aside some hours during the evenings and at weekends to devote to job hunting. Again, you can also select to use some of your yearly leave and take some days off for concentrating on the job hunting process fully.

Nowadays, in this complicated job market, the policy of job search also has become complex and so; there is a possibility that you aren’t aware of it enough for working it fine for you. However, you can also get benefited from the awareness of a career professional. So, for getting a secured guidance, seek the assistance of a career coach, certified resume writer or an executive recruiter who are capable of guiding, representing, motivating or encouraging you.

Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring a competent workforce globally. He is a Certified Linkedin Profile Writer. He is empowering people with high-quality documents & information on how to market yourself.

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