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The scientific research says that when we search for jobs we look out for the wrong things. The things we think can make us happy are quite different from the things that make us happy in real. The career problems usually generate because we cannot pick them properly. We pick a job thinking it to be a good one but then it turns out to be a bad one. It is not always possible to pick the right job in the beginning. According to an economist, just 5 percent of people are able to choose the right job at the beginning.

These people are the fast starters are they are usually considered less adventurous, less creative, and less innovative and this makes the common and the conventional path work for them only.  There are some guidelines that you must follow in order to pick a career that you may like and can make you happy.


An industry that interests you

Your education may make it difficult or easier to get a certain kind of job; however, it does not put limitations on the industries where you want to work. For instance, if you have studied biology, it does not indicate that you need to restrict yourself to the scientific and the medical fields. Most of the skills are transferable in the industry. Look into several industries and try to find out the skills that are important. Think out of the box and consider what your experience can give to the industry.


Search the organizations that focus on career development

If you are interested in multiple things then you will be satisfied until the time you are able to experience new things or learn new skills. So, you will need an organization, which can support career development. A job that seems great right now may not continue to be so in the near future. An organization that supports this curiosity can bring a difference in your long-term happiness. Try to find out the approach of a company towards training and development.


Do not worry too much regarding the salary

There is not a very strong relationship between salary and job satisfaction. Salary is definitely important and brings happiness too but the other factors such as relationships, health, etc are important too. Moreover, if you focus too much on this aspect, it may distract your attention from the important factors. More money may make you happier at work till all your daily needs are covered, it is not the most important factors and therefore you should give it less attention.


Do not opt for an easy job

For many people, the mental challenge is important to get satisfaction. It may be tempting to think that a job that is great is an easy job. In reality, this is not true and you may get bored. You will not feel a sense of achievement at the end. The best job is one where the job is able to match your abilities. There are a few tests that can measure how important a mental challenge is for the individuals; the growing need and the cognition need scales.


Get involved in engaging work

An engaging work can hold your attention. Researchers are found the factors that can make work engaging:

  1. Autonomy – As per the self-discrimination theory, autonomy is an important human need, which is completely essential and it is applicable to all genders, culture, and time. We must feel that we can control our lives.
  2. Clear tasks – Work with the tasks that have a well-defined beginning and it can help you to make progress. They also offer you a sense of achievement that is the main component for general well-being.
  3. Variety – Variety helps in preventing hedonic treadmill. Any exciting new job can give you a lasting effect to the happiness that you expect as it becomes “normal” after some time. Variety in the daily lives helps in its prevention because we do not get used to something that is unexpected or novel.
  4. Feedback – Greater levels of feedback leads to satisfaction as well as increased motivation at work.

Do not overcommit

It is a good idea to test different jobs. Job hopping is for those people who want to try out genuinely what they actually want. Quitting a job when you know it is not the right one for you is a great way to find the right one. Do not overcommit to a single path. Graduate courses are overcommitting because even if you do not like that field then you have to spend four years. There are a few people who desire the same career all over their lives.


Do not ignore the negatives

There are several negative aspects related to your job that you should not ignore. The negative factors may lead to job dissatisfaction like the following:

  1. A long commute – If you have to commute long distances to their place of work such as more than an hour either by train or bus. It has been found that long commutes are linked directly with less life satisfaction.
  2. Long hours of work – According to a survey, long hours are related to reducing job satisfaction because it makes it difficult to take care of important things and this results in enhanced stress.
  3. Unfair pay -Though pay may not be the only for satisfaction in the job, earning fewer people who perform the same job may cause dissatisfaction in the job.
  4. Job insecurity- There is a strong adverse relationship between job satisfaction and job insecurity.


When you understand the logic behind job satisfaction then you will be able to land up a job that you can give the career that you may love. However, the best way of finding out that you will enjoy is to try it. So, if you are not able to pick the right job at the beginning, do not get discouraged. Try out different things and find out what works in your favor.



Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring a competent workforce globally. He is a Certified Linkedin Profile Writer. He is empowering people with high-quality documents & information on how to market yourself.

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