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Are you seeking for a job, but not being able to crack it somehow?

Do you feel you miss that X factor that can help get that dream job? It may seem to be a dreadful task to crack an interview.  You may have faced several interviews earlier and had nervous nights the day before the interview. But, it is not such a nightmare as you think it is. There are various clever ways in which you can crack a job interview.

Be Smart as far as your Career is Concerned

Never compromise with less when you deserve the best. Following are the best tips that you can implement to get a good job:

Creating an online profile


At a time when socializing is key, it should be put to best use by creating an online job profile. LinkedIn is the most popular of all in terms of job opportunities. If you are clever enough, you will have an amazing profile set up that will attract the attention of recruiters. You can also mention about your online profile on your resume

Research about the company

You can always be a master at interviews, but if the recruiter asks what you know about the company and you falter while answering, it can be disappointing. That is why it is important to know the background of the company before appearing for an interview. Study about when the company started, who established the company, the current CEO and so on. These are very basic things and spending an hour will be more than enough to prep you for the interview.


Your CV & Cover Letter should be Impressive

The CV and Cover Letter is the first point of contact with the recruiter. It should be so impressive that the recruiter selects your résumé in the first instance. However, do not make the mistake of making your CV too attractive with patterns and calligraphic fonts. That takes away the essence of your accomplishments and capabilities. The CV should be simple, but the way you present your capabilities and accomplishments should be top notch and that is something that will create a positive impression on the recruiter. It also increases the chances of getting the job.



No one said that cracking an interview will be easy. The pressure of facing the recruiters and not knowing what questions will be asked can be really deadly.

But, if you are one of those who can stand the test of mettle should follow the tips above to crack interviews with ease.

Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring a competent workforce globally. He is a Certified Linkedin Profile Writer. He is empowering people with high-quality documents & information on how to market yourself.

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