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There are quite a few people who experience about impressing every person they meet and try get on with many people. There is something attractive about them which draw a group.

However, this does happen coincidentally, and people who possess this type of quality are well aware of the process of leaving a superb impression no matter where they go.



Following are 10 of the most valued secrets for helping you leave a similar influence with everyone you come across

Be on time

This is the first and the foremost thing that you have to keep in mind. Certainly you wouldn’t want someone to have a negative impression on you even before you have turned up, but this is what will happen when you leave them waiting. You must always arrive when you have committed to do so. We can easily do this when you aim to be earlier than the stipulated time and so, even if something goes wrong with your journey, you will be able to make on time as you had left for your terminus before you had aimed to

Go for a proper handshake

The initial interaction that you may have with a person while meeting him is to shake hands with him. Hence, a handshake plays an important role in providing the impression you give to a person initially. However, it is also vital to shake hands properly and you have to use your entire hand for shaking the other person’s hand, but certainly, without crushing any bone!

Speak very clearly

When people will know that you possess an excellent speaking voice, then they will remember you for this besides having an optimistic opinion regarding you. This will be something which will stand out and people will refer to this trait of yours when they will talk something about you. No matter what accent you have, you will be known for having a superb voice when you will speak clearly. You can speak clearly when you shield your throat by averting things, like dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and fried foods.


Simply smiling is one of the finest ways to leave an extraordinary impression on other people. When you enter a situation minus one, it can put a pessimistic impression on a tough situation. Again, when you smile, you feel happy and also release encouraging emotions

Make your answers of an appropriate length

When you wish to impress a person or many people with your conversational skills, then you have to balance the length of your answers well. You shouldn’t use monosyllabic responses to the questions that are thrown to you and additionally, you shouldn’t want to ramble either.

Be good with names

When you make an effort to recall someone’s name and call him/her by his/her first name, then he/she will feel privileged by you and so, he/she will warm towards you instantly.

Propose to help people out

This is another excellent method through which you can leave a nice impression on others. Wherever you go, you can be a helper. Volunteer to help people with projects at work. At times, when you meet people at networking events, you can ask them what kind of help you can provide to them.

Remain always prepared

You must always do the important preparation for each interface you have with other individuals. You must remain prepared for job interviews by doing a research on the employer beforehand and think about the probable questions that you might get confronted with. Get prepared for work meetings by tracing and fetching relevant documents along with you, no matter they are digital devices, like a tablet or a laptop or any hard copy. No person leaves a negative impression compared to a colleague who holds a meeting by looking for information they don’t have as they had forgotten to bring with them. This is true for the job candidate too who stares back at the interviewer blankly when they are asked what they are aware of the organization.


Follow up

Post every meeting or interaction with a person, follow up for showing that you care and appreciate their involvement in your life, even when it is a small one. After you have finished working on a project with a person, provide him a recommendation on LinkedIn. You can also send an email to every person with whom you have exchanged business cards to convey that it was really nice meeting them.

Don’t pay attention to your phone

After you have met a person, during the initial 10 minutes, don’t pull your mobile phone out to look at it. Instead, concentrate on staying consistent with the conversation, irrespective of the work or life distractions that are vibrating in your pocket. When you look distracted, disinterested or disoriented, then it not only makes a negative impression but also creates a halo influence of others’ views on your business practices.

You must always remember that every person is unique, and so, when you wish to stand out from the rest, you have to be true, irrespective of your unconventionality and quirks. Feel comfortable in having your own skin and this will help you in concentrating on the job that you have at hand. So, when you wish to leave an excellent and lasting impression, then don’t be afraid to allow the other person to have an opportunity to know you.

Rahul Krishna

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur has two decades of experience in hiring a competent workforce globally. He is a Certified Linkedin Profile Writer. He is empowering people with high-quality documents & information on how to market yourself.

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